Are there any precautions (such as the risk of data being changed) when duplicating content and when duplicating courses/folders?

We will explain separately when duplicating content and when duplicating courses/folders.

When duplicating content

▼Information to be handed over                                 The following information will be handed over regardless of the content.

・ Limited course restrictions

・ Settings (explanation, search keywords, images)

・ Public restrictions

・ Detention notification setting

・ Test mode setting

・ Badge setting

・ Ranking board setting

・ Total board setting


▼Points to note                                                                                                                                              ①The design of the quiz player screen may change due to version upgrades of QuizGenerator.

The version of QuizGenerator will also be updated when learningBOX is majorly upgraded. Therefore, duplicating content will automatically update to the current version of QuizGenerator.

* By specifying a specific version in conversion version management, you can set it not to be updated.                                            Alternatively, it is possible that the bug response of QuizGenerator will not be reflected due to the version upgrade of the browser itself.

②Information on the learningBOX side that cannot be carried over 

・Teaching material code (original code with "_copy")

・Interlocking content setting                                                         

③When setting the allocation of content alone                            ・Allocation setting  

・Publication period

・Answer/submission deadline


When duplicating a course/folder

The following information will not be carried over.

・Allocation settings

・"Study material selection" specified in the internal gradebook

・Content specified as "related content" in QuizGenerator

・IP address restrictions