How do I create a audio quiz?

With QuizGenerator's speech synthesis function, you can create audio questions in various languages such as English and German.

▼ How to make a audio quiz
The links below show you how to create an audio quiz for each of the text, Excel, and Quiz/exam creation form.


▼ List of languages that can be set with Quiz Generator
QuizGenerator's speech synthesis feature allows you to ask questions in different languages as audio quizzes. In addition to the language type, it is also possible to select a speaker from "male / female". This service uses Amazon Polly to synthesize speech.


▼ Notes on voice synthesis function
Only 4 can be used in one question set.
If you want to use 5 or more, please subscribe to Quiz Generator license.
It is also possible to use an audio file (mp3) for the quiz.
The method of inserting audio is described in the link below.