If there are a total of 500 students and the maximum number of temporary simultaneous logins is about 100, which plan do you need to subscribe to?

Regardless of the temporary maximum number of simultaneous logins, if the course period is the same period, you need to subscribe to an account for 500 people.

▼ About account reuse

The account can be reused, so if you delete a member, you can re-register one person again. However, if the course period is the same, an account contract for all the students is required. If you delete a member, his/her score will also be deleted. If you need scores, please download them in CSV format and save the data before deleting.

▼ Simultaneous simultaneous access (tests, tests, etc.)

If you plan to access all at once for tests, tests, etc., take advance measures by the server you are using. For details, click on the link below.