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Is it possible to get a perfect score of 50 instead of a perfect score of 100?

Please use the passing score setting option.

[▼When creating a quiz with Quiz/exam creation form]
Please set the passing score to be 50 points.
(※The passing score is 80 by default. Please change the passing score of the option value.)

[▼When creating a quiz with text/Excel]
Please describe in the format of "#ATTRIBUTE NAME:VALUE" at the beginning of the question text (quiz.txt).
The options for setting the passing score will be in the form of adding the following.

・ #Passing_score: 50 (← If the passing score is 50 points)

The option values ​​are listed here.

■ If you want to set points for each question
[▼When creating a quiz with text/Excel]
When creating a quiz, please describe the score (number) you want to add after the question type.
Arrange from top to bottom
sort: 20

Arrange in descending order from the left
{1} > {2} > {3} > {4}
wordbank: 15

[▼When creating a quiz with Quiz/exam creation form]
Click "Create Quiz/Test" from Manage contents.
Please create a quiz and there will be a blank area saying "Points" on the right side of the Quiz format.
Please enter the score you set in the blank area.

Please follow the link below for detailed instructions.