Payment method

We support PayPal payment (credit card).

[When applying from the WEB]

Please click on PayPal.

▼ PayPal

If you wish to pay by credit card, please use PayPal payment. You can use it immediately after completing the payment.

▼ Bank transfer ※Japan only

When you press the "Apply by bank transfer" button, the account information of the transfer destination will be displayed by e-mail. It can be used after payment is confirmed on our business days excluding weekends and holidays.

▼ Invoice ※Japan only

 Invoices can be issued on the WEB. 
This function may not be available depending on some contract details. If you cannot apply online, please contact us using the form below.


[When applying from the inquiry form below]
We will issue an invoice (payment date is the end of the following month). ※Japan only
You can use it immediately after issuing the invoice.