How can I reset the completion rate in Review mode to 0%.

If you delete the score in learningBOX and delete the cookie in the browser in QuizGenerator, the completion rate will be reset to 0%.

[In the case of learning BOX]
Sign-in as an admin or a user with score management role, and delete the score you want to reset from the list of Manage scores. After deletion, the rate will be reset and you can start from 0%.

Please see the score management page below for the procedure for deleting them.

[For Quiz Generator]
In the Review mode, the completion rate is saved by cookie, so if you delete the cookie of the browser, you can start from the rate of 0% again.


1. Close the QuizGenerator screen (browser tab) in Review mode.
2. Delete the browser cookie.
3. Open the screen of the QuizGenerator in the Review mode. The rate will be 0%.

If you delete the cookie while the QuizGenerator screen is open, the cookie will remain. When you reload the screen, the cookie will be saved automatically, so the capture rate will remain. You will need to close the QuizGenerator screen completely, then delete the cookie and reopen QuizGenerator.

Follow the links below for detailed instructions.