Problems that may occur when using the site customizer

<Problems that may occur due to customer operations>

■ Login page / Top page design

・Accidentally deleted and saved certain content, but haven't backed it up and can't restore it

・Saved the image with the wrong image set

・A specific part is not displayed due to the influence of the original CSS


■ Side menu

・Saved it with the wrong permissions set

・Have not made a backup and cannot restore it

・The set URL is different and an error screen is displayed


■ Language patch

・Not made a backup and cannot restore it


<Problems that may occur due to a major version upgrade on learningBOX side>

・ The word of the replacement source has disappeared. ⇒ An error will be displayed in red, so please correct it.

・CSS / JavaScript has stopped working due to changes in class and ID name and functional modifications

・ Adjusting the design becomes needed by installing new functions.